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Icons Series 7 Magneto
Icons Series 7

The man known as Erik Lehnsherr emerged a survivor from history's greatest act of evil, having lost everything he had ever known. He brought with him a perfect knowledge of the lexicon of hate, and mankind's capacity for inhumanity. He feels more keenly than most will ever know what it means to be different, and be hated for it./n/nAs one of Earth's most powerful mutants, MAGNETO sees himself as the savior of his kind, a liberator who will burn away all those that stand in the way of the mutant ascendancy. His entire life has been spent in pursuit of that final goal./n/nRecently however, he witnessed another of history's greatest tragedies. Even as his lifelong goal came within his grasp, mutant turned against mutant, and all was lost. He lives now without powers, a broken man from a broken land, hoping one day to see again his dream of mutant supremacy rise and cover the Earth.

Affiliation Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Leader of the Acolyte
Alias Magneto
Height 6ft
Identity Public
Real Name Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
Weight 170 lbs
  • Control over all forms of magnetism
  • Control over all metal objects


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Icons Series 7 Magneto Icons Series 7 Magneto Icons Series 7 Magneto Icons Series 7 Magneto Icons Series 7 Magneto Icons Series 7 Magneto

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Ian McKellen in X-Men ( 2000 )

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