Icons Series 8
Daredevil (Yellow)

Icons Series 8 Daredevil (Yellow)
Icons Series 8

Blinded in a childhood accident, Matt Murdock gained infinitly more than he lost: With his other senses enhanced to a superhuman degree, he can feel the thudding of a panicked heartbeat from yards away and dodge bullets by the sound of their passage through the air.

By day, he defends the defenseless as superstar attorney Matthew Murdock. By night, he keeps watch over their sleeping forms as the fearless Daredevil, scourge of the underworld. In either guise he bears his own tradgedies and the tribulations of those he protects with equal weight, never forgetting that the cause of justice requires constant sacrifice.

For decades, Daredevil has haunted the dark places of New York's Hell's Kitchen, defending his neighborhood against criminals and gangsters looking to make a buck off the misfortune of the weak. He was raised here among the riotous noise and the stench of a hundred butcher shops, and it is here that he always returns. He belongs to these streets as much as they belong to him.

Affiliation none
Alias Michael Murdock
Height 6'
Identity Publicly questioned
Real Name Matthew Michael Murdock
Weight 200 lbs
  • Accomplished acrobat and martial artist
  • Sixth
  • Superhuman senses


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Icons Series 8 Daredevil (Yellow)

Icons Series 8 Daredevil (Yellow) Icons Series 8 Daredevil (Yellow) Icons Series 8 Daredevil (Yellow) Icons Series 8 Daredevil (Yellow)

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