DC DCUC Metallo Series
DCUC Metallo Series

February 2009


DC DCUC Metallo Series Amazo Amazo

Amazo is a powerful android capable of absorbing and mimicking the superpowers of the member of the <a href="/character.php?C=Justice" >Justice</a> League of America. "Absorbtion cells" allow Amazo the ability to duplicate the power of any superhero he encounters but is only able to use the powers of one super hero at a time.

DC DCUC Metallo Series Black Lightning Black Lightning

As a multiple olympic gold medalist, Jefferson Pierce could easily have turned his fame into fortune. Instead, he chose to return to his old crime-ridden neighborhood as a high school teacher - and Black Lightning, hero of the streets and protector of ordinary people threatened by criminals and their activities.

DC DCUC Metallo Series Eradicator Eradicator

The Eradicator's sole mission is to preserve Kryptonian culture above all others. After Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday, the Eradicator's programming allowed it to temporarily take Superman's form and help bring him back to life. In addition to sharing the same super-powers as Superman, the Eradicator is able to manipulate all manner of energy, making him more than a match for even the Man Of Steel!

DC DCUC Metallo Series The Atom The Atom

By manipulating the correct combination of elements, Ivy University physicist, Ray Palmer was able to shrink down to six inches... or even to microscopic size, retaining all the mass of his 180 pound, six-foot tall alter ego and pack a powerful punch at any size. With a costume fashioned to shrink and enlarge with him, Palmer became THE ATOM!

DC DCUC Metallo Series The Riddler The Riddler

Edward Nigma turned his love of puzzles into a career by running a crooked carnival puzzle game. But E. Nigma, yearning for greater glory and wealth, decided to use his love of riddles to match wits with the Gotham City police and Batman, sending them fiendishly complex clues to his forthcoming crimes, crimes committed as... The Riddler!

* Descriptions are from the DC packaging
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DC DCUC Metallo Series Amazo

DC DCUC Metallo Series Black Lightning

DC DCUC Metallo Series Eradicator

DC DCUC Metallo Series The Atom

DC DCUC Metallo Series The Riddler

DC DCUC Metallo Series Metallo

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