DC DCUC Giganta Series
DCUC Giganta Series

August 2009


DC DCUC Giganta Series Commander Steel Commander Steel

Young marine, Henry Heywood, was severely injured in an attack on his base during WWII. Heywood's former biology professor saved his life with a series of surgeries, replacing his skeleton with a steel alloy frame and attaching micro-motors to his joints. Now with superhuman strength, stamina, speed and invulnerability, Heywood returned to wartime action as the costumed hero Steel, battling saboteurs at home before heading overseas theaters as a covert operative.

DC DCUC Giganta Series Dr Fate (Classic) Dr Fate (Classic) Dr Fate (Modern)

Doctor Fate arises when the Lord of Order known as Naby bestows his sorcerous knowledge, as well as a magical helmet, amulet and mantle, to a human host in order to battle the forces of chaos. Once a human dons the garb of Doctor Fate, Nabu's personality assumes control of the human host. Doctor Fate, in his many incarnations, has long served in The Justice Society of America as one of its most powerful members.
Variant: Dr Fate (Modern)

DC DCUC Giganta Series Gentleman Ghost Gentleman Ghost
The Atom

After being hanged for his crimes, 19th century highwayman "Gentleman Jim" Craddock's spirit rose again -- as the <a href="/charPage.php?C=GentlemanGhost" >Gentleman Ghost</a>. Returning to his former life of crime, the <a href="/charPage.php?C=GentlemanGhost" >Gentleman Ghost</a> soon crossed paths with the Justice Society of America. His powers and phantom nature make him nearly impossible to apprehend. But the heroes of the 21st century have always managed to defeat this dapper, spectral villain.
Pack-In: The Atom

DC DCUC Giganta Series Hawkgirl Hawkgirl

During ancient Egypt's 15th dynasty, Princess Chay-Ara and her beloved Prince Khufu discovered a downed Thanagarian spacecraft. After their murder, the couple's exposure to the ship's anti-gravity Nth Metal has destined them to be reincarnated through the ages and fight alongside the Justice Society of America.

DC DCUC Giganta Series Mr Terrific Mr Terrific

Michael Hild amasses fourteen doctorates in different disciplines and was a medal winning decathlete. He amassed an early fortune, retired young and had the perfect life until his wife and inborn child died in a car accident. This life-changing event prompted Holt to adopt the name <a href="/charPage.php?C=MrTerrific" >Mr Terrific</a> and use his physical and intellectual skills to fight crime on the street level. He moved on to world-threatening menaces as a member of the Justice Society of America.

DC DCUC Giganta Series Parademon Parademon DC DCUC Giganta Series Parademon (Classic)

Of the many warriors serving Darkseid, lord and absolute master of the planet Apokolips, none are more feared or loyal than the parademons. Artificially grown in the genetic laboratories of Apokolips, these elite soldiers prowl the dark skies of Armagetto dealing death and destruction to all who challenge or invade their master's domain. Their every waking moment, every thought, is filled with one purpose and one purpose only: protect and serve <a href="/charPage.php?C=Darkseid" >Darkseid</a> -- at any cost!
Variant: Parademon (Classic)

DC DCUC Giganta Series Vigilante Vigilante

As a disctrict attorney, <a href="/charPage.php?C=Vigilante" >Adrian Chase</a> grew weary and frustrated by the limits of the law. When a firebomb killed him and his family, Chase, dead for seven minutesm was reborn as the <a href="/charPage.php?C=Vigilante" >Vigilante</a> - remorseless enemy of crime. As the vigilante, Chase blurs the line between hero and villain, deliberately executing his enemies and becoming more and more reckless. His former friends want to help Chase; but he himself says that Chase is dead. Only the <a href="/charPage.php?C=Vigilante" >Vigilante</a> remains.

* Descriptions are from the DC packaging
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DC DCUC Giganta Series Commander Steel

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DC DCUC Giganta Series Gentleman Ghost

DC DCUC Giganta Series Hawkgirl

DC DCUC Giganta Series Mr Terrific

DC DCUC Giganta Series Parademon

DC DCUC Giganta Series Parademon (Classic)

DC DCUC Giganta Series Vigilante

DC DCUC Giganta Series Giganta

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