DC DCUC Imperiex Series
DCUC Imperiex Series

September 2009


DC DCUC Imperiex Series Batman Batman

As a young boy, <a href="/charPage.php?C=Batman" >Bruce Wayne</a> saw his parents fall victim to a senseless crime. His focused purpose became to avenge their deaths by fighting Gotham's criminal elements as <a href="/charPage.php?C=Batman" >Batman</a>. The people of Gotham City see <a href="/charPage.php?C=Batman" >Batman</a> as an almost mythical figure, able to tame any adversary, no matter how powerful. To thwart crime, he relies on his awesome deductive powers, sheer physical speed and an assortment of high-tech weaponry and unique crime-fighting aids.

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Beast Boy Beast Boy

While traveling to Africa with his scientist parents, Garfield Logan fell victim to a deadly virus and was saved via an experimental treatment that turned his skin and hair green, in addition to granting him the ability to transform into any animal he imagined. After his parents died in a boating accident, Gar was taken in by the Doom Patrol, a team of misfit heroes that helped him to master his powers.

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Forager Forager

Forager was born among the "Bugs" beneath New Genesis - evolved humanoid insects scattered there as biological weapons years ago by the armies of New Genesis' rival planet, Apokolips. Forager's forays to steal food from the surface world ultimately brought him into contact with <a href="/charPage.php?C=Orion" >Orion</a> and <a href="/charPage.php?C=Lightray" >Lightray</a> of New Genesis, and helped them prevent one of Darkseid's most fearsome servants, Mantis, from exterminating all Bugs.

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Joker Joker

The clown prince of crime is Batman's deadliest and most unpredictable foe. Rumored to be a failed stand-up comedian turned petty criminal who fell into a vat of chemical waste while escaping from the scene of a crime - that incident turned his skin white and his hair green. <a href="/charPage.php?C=Batman" >Batman</a> knows the <a href="/charPage.php?C=Joker" >Joker</a> is certifiably insane, which makes the end result of his actions that much more deadly.

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Man-Bat Man-Bat

Dr. Robert Kirk Landstrom hoped to cure his growing deafness by creating a serum that would give him a bat's ability of echolocation. However, the serum robbed him of his intellect and transformed him into a man-sized bat, resulting in a crazed rampage through Gotham City. Langstrom retooled his formula, allowing him to retain his intelligence and is an occassional ally of <a href="/charPage.php?C=Batman" >Batman</a>.

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Power Girl Power Girl

Believed to the the grandaughter of the ancient Atlantean mage Arion, Kara was sent thousands of years into the future to spare her from Arion's evil half-brother, Garn Daanuth. Kara emerged from her time-spanning life-pod and was taken under the wing of Superman, who introduced her to the Justive Society of America, a team that helped Kara to master her own magically-created superpowers and adopt the guise of the heroine <a href="/charPage.php?C=PowerGirl" >Power Girl</a>.

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Robotman Robotman

Once one of the greatest, and wealthiest race car drivers in the world until a devasting racing accident destroyed his body. The mysterious Doctor Niles Caulder saved <a href="/charPage.php?C=Robotman2" >Cliff Steele</a> by transplanting his brain into a ceramic metal body. Cliff eventually took the leader's role in the Doom Patrol, Caulder's team of "super-misfits," alongside Negative Man and Elasti-Girl, battling strange menaces and protecting humanity.

* Descriptions are from the DC packaging
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DC DCUC Imperiex Series Batman

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Beast Boy

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Forager

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Joker

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Man-Bat

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Power Girl

DC DCUC Imperiex Series Robotman

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