DC DCUC Trigon Series
DCUC Trigon Series

May 2010


DC DCUC Trigon Series Blue Devil Blue Devil

While working on an action film near ancient ruins, Daniel Cassidy was fused to his Blue Devil costume by an archdemon named Nebiros. Danny made the best of it and became a crime fighter. Then a deal with the demon Neron went sour and Cassidy was killed, only to be resurrected as an actual devil. Danny uses his abilities to rid the world of supernatural threats with the super-powered team Shadowpact.

DC DCUC Trigon Series Negative Man Negative Man DC DCUC Trigon Series Negative Man

Larry Trainor's career as a test pilot ended tragically when he flew through a radiation field. The accident caused his body to emit deadly radiation that can only be contained by shielded bandages as well as the ability to release from his body a negatively charged phantom. Trainor became a founding member of the Doom Patrol with other heroes who gained their powers from tragic accidents.
Variant: Negative Man

DC DCUC Trigon Series Superboy (clone) Superboy (clone)

Superboy is a clone created by Project Cadmus to replace the Man of Steel, believed killed in battle with Doomsday. Unable to genetically engineer Kryptonian DNA, Cadmus instead bioengineered the Teen of Steel with genetic material from its late director Paul Westfield. The young hero tends to think with his fists rather than his head, but tries to make Superman proud of him.

DC DCUC Trigon Series Cyclotron Cyclotron

Superman programmed Cyclotron with complete knowledge of the strengths and weakness of every hero and villain. Superman hoped that Cyclotron would become the ultimate tactician, able to anticipate the moves of villains based on their prior tendencies and recognize heroes unfamiliar to league members. The android could disguise himself as human and, although he had limited physical abilities, he could rotate his torso and deliver a powerful "twister punch"
Variant: Cyclotron (revealed)

DC DCUC Trigon Series Blue Beetle Blue Beetle

When the Rock of Eternity exploded, the alien scarab encased within it fell to Texas and bonded to Jamie Reyes' spine, making him the 3rd Blue Beetle. Jaime found that with a mere thought, he could use it to generate armor, tools and weaponry. He also learned the scarab was an advance agent for an expansionist alien species, that had bonded with Jaime. Together they beat back the alien attacks and Jaime's heroic efforts earned him a spot in the Teen Titans.

DC DCUC Trigon Series Cheetah (classic) Cheetah (classic) Cheetah (modern)

Several individuals have taken the name of Cheetah over the years. The first was a socialite named Priscilla Rich who resented the fame of the Wonder Woman of the 1940s. Turning a cheetah-skinned rug into a costume, she tangled with the Amazon several times. Decades later, glory-hunting archaeologist Barbara Minerva stumbled across an African tribe in the midst of a bloody ritual. She forced them to make her a part of the ceremony so she could become the vessel for the Cheetah spirit, attaining the abilities and feral nature of one of Wonder Woman's greatest, most enduring foes.
Variant: Cheetah (modern)

DC DCUC Trigon Series Donna Troy Donna Troy

Originally created as a magical reflection of Princess Diana of Themyscira, Donna Troy became more than Wonder Woman's identical twin "sister" when she was kidnapped and forced to endure a series of alternate lives ending in tragedy. Upon her return to Earth - sans any memories of the experience - Donna adopted the guise of Wonder Girl and joined the Teen Titans.

* Descriptions are from the DC packaging
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DC DCUC Trigon Series Blue Devil

DC DCUC Trigon Series Negative Man

DC DCUC Trigon Series Negative Man

DC DCUC Trigon Series Superboy (clone)

DC DCUC Trigon Series Cyclotron

DC DCUC Trigon Series Blue Beetle

DC DCUC Trigon Series Cheetah (classic)

DC DCUC Trigon Series Cheetah (modern)

DC DCUC Trigon Series Donna Troy

DC DCUC Trigon Series Trigon

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