DCUC Wonder Twins

July 2009

DC DCUC Wonder Twins Gleek Gleek

DC DCUC Wonder Twins Jayna Jayna

Combined with the powers of her twin brother, <a href="/charPage.php?C=Jayna" >Jayna</a> is able to turn into virtually any beast on Earth or beyond - from a mythological griffin to an extinct dinosaur or even a creature from a distant planet. <a href="/charPage.php?C=Jayna" >Jayna</a> often assumes the "form of an eagle" to deliver urgent news or to cover great distances quickly. And if a ring-tailed lemur is the key to keeping evil at bat, <a href="/charPage.php?C=Jayna" >Jayna</a> is your mammal!

DC DCUC Wonder Twins Zan Zan

By touching knuckles with his sister and uttering the magic phrase "Wonder Twin powers, activate," <a href="/charPage.php?C=Zan" >Zan</a> is able to transform into any water-based shape possible. Whether it's liquid, vapor, or even a solid ice structure, he always calls upon the proper "form of water" for the situation. Limited only by his imagination, his constructs fo beyond simple bridges and shelters. If there is ever the need for a functioning jet made of ice - <a href="/charPage.php?C=Zan" >Zan</a> is the man!

* Descriptions are from the DC packaging
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