DC DCUC Twin Packs Series 1
DCUC Twin Packs Series 1

December 2008

DC DCUC Twin Packs Series 1 Green Lantern - Abin Sur Green Lantern - Abin Sur

While on patrol, <a href="/character.php?C=AbinSur" >Abin Sur</a> was attacked and pursued by the being known as Legion. Badly injured and with his spaceship seriously damaged, he made an emergency landing on Earth and began using his power ring to searchfor a successor to wield the ring after he passed on. As Hal Jordan was the closest suitable replacement, he was chosen as Abin Sur's successor.

DC DCUC Twin Packs Series 1 Azrael Azrael

College student <a href="/character.php?C=Azrael" >Jean-Paul Valley</a> had no idea that he was destined to follow in his father's footsteps and become an elite enforcer / assassin. Trained since birth by "The Sacred Oder of Saint Dumas" to be Azrael, Angel of Vengence. When the order sent <a href="/character.php?C=Azrael" >Azrael</a> to kill a weapons dealer, his plans were thwarted by <a href="/character.php?C=Batman" >Batman</a>. But Batman's example proved an inspiration to Azrael, who turned against his masters in the order and became their sworn enemy.

DC DCUC Twin Packs Series 1 Batgirl Batgirl

As the adopted daughter of Gotham City's police commissioner, <a href="/character.php?C=Batgirl" >Barbara Gordon</a> was raised in a household filled with cops and their stories. Barbara wanted nothing more than to follow in her father's footsteps, but the elder Gordon refused to allow it. As a jibe against her father, Barbara wore a "Batgirl" costume to a masquerade ball and wound up saving billionaire <a href="/character.php?C=Batman" >Bruce Wayne</a> from a kidnapping attempt. Deciding that this was how she could serve the cause of justice. <a href="/character.php?C=Batgirl" >Barbara Gordon</a> elected to keep her new costumed identity.

DC DCUC Twin Packs Series 1 Cyborg Superman Cyborg Superman

Hank Henshaw was exposed to cosmic radiation when his space shuttle crashed. Over time his body started to rapidly deteriorate. As his physical body expired, he was able to transfer his consciousness into a computer mainframe and mentally travel through space. Arriving on a distant planet, he recruited <a href="/character.php?C=Mongul" >Mongul</a> as part of a plan for revenge against <a href="/character.php?C=Superman" >Superman</a>.

DC DCUC Twin Packs Series 1 Green Lantern - Hal Jordan Green Lantern - Hal Jordan

While training in a flight simulator, test pilot Hal Jordan was suddenly transported to the crash site of an alien spacecraft. The injured pilot passed on to Jordan his green ring and his uniform. The ring allowed him to make real anything that he could imagine, from flying unaided through space to lifting mountains. With it, Jordan, chosen by the ring itself because of his fearlessness, must fight evil as a member of the <a href="/character.php?C=HalJordan" >Green Lantern</a> Corps.

DC DCUC Twin Packs Series 1 Lightray Lightray

Lightray is the shining star of New Genesis and a high-spirited new god. He is cheerful and optimistic, preferring to solve problems through compromise rather than combat. He uses the speed of light to his advantage in eluding foes. As Solis, his idea of fun is protecting New Genesis from Apokolips, Darkseid, and his minions.

DC DCUC Twin Packs Series 1 Mongol Mongol

A ruthless conqueror who roams the universe in his planet-sized Warworld. For amusement, <a href="/character.php?C=Mongul" >Mongul</a> stages gladiator games with slaves that inhabit this world. After capturing <a href="/character.php?C=Superman" >Superman</a> and forcing him into the gladiator pits, <a href="/character.php?C=Superman" >Superman</a> refused to finish off his opponent. <a href="/character.php?C=Mongul" >Mongul</a> himself then decided to put an end to <a href="/character.php?C=Superman" >Superman</a> but was defeated. Later <a href="/character.php?C=Mongul" >Mongul</a> joined forces with <a href="/character.php?C=CyborgSuperman" >Cyborg Superman</a> to seek revenge on the Man of <a href="/character.php?C=Steel" >Steel</a>.

DC DCUC Twin Packs Series 1 Orion Orion

When Highfather and Darkseid, the leaders of New Genesis and Apokolips, agreed to a treaty, part of the pact directed the leaders to trade their sons. Orion, son of Darkseid, was therefore raised on New Genesis, the planet of light. Ultimately, he joined the Justice League of America and helped defeat his tyrannical father.

* Descriptions are from the DC packaging
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