DCUC MattyCollector.com Twin Pack

February 2009

DC DCUC MattyCollector.com Twin Pack Adam Strange Adam Strange

Archaeologist <a href="/character.php?C=AdamStrange" >Adam Strange</a> was transported to the distant planet of Rann by a random communications beam from outer space. Adam soon became the official hero of Rann, the planet's protector against strange menances of all kinds. Though without powers, frequently outnumbered and almost always outgunned, Adam's cleverness and innovation have allowed him to overcome every menace and gain a reputation as the "thinking man's hero."

DC DCUC MattyCollector.com Twin Pack Starfire Starfire

To seal a peace pact, King Myan'r of Tamaran sold his daughter Koriand'r into slavery. Her imprisonment ended when scientists upon her and accidentally imbued her with the power to harness solar energy as destructive force. Now an inhabitant of Earth, Koriand'r is known as <a href="/character.php?C=Starfire" >Starfire</a> and has become a member of the Teen Titans.

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