DCUC Battle For Earth 3 2-Pack

July 2009

DC DCUC Battle For Earth 3 2-Pack Alexander Luthor Alexander Luthor

Alexander Luthor was an acclaimed scientist on his home world of Earth-3, one of many "alternative universes," where history of ten played out in opposite versions of the Earth we know. When two of his counterparts from Earth 1 & 2 set their sights on conquering his Earth, Alexander enlisted the aid of the evil Luthor's respective archenemies, the Supermen of their world, to come to and help fend off the attack. In response, the evil Luthor's partnered with Earth-3's twisted version of Superman, the evil Ultraman, to back their cause.

DC DCUC Battle For Earth 3 2-Pack Ultraman Ultraman

Born of the Planet Krypton of an alternate universe where good and evil are reversed, <a href="/character.php?C=Ultraman" >Ultraman</a> quickly became the most powerful super-criminal on that planet. A mirror-image if Superman, <a href="/character.php?C=Ultraman" >Ultraman</a> had all the powers and abilities of Kal-El, only with the desire to use them for evil. He joined with other super-criminals to form the Crime Syndicate of America, the evil opposite force of the Justice League. Ultraman's primary opposition came from Alexander Luthor, Sr., a genius scientist devoted to bettering humanity through his inventions.

* Descriptions are from the DC packaging
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