Series 8

February 2009

Icons Series 8 Colossus Colossus

Affiliation X-MEN
Alias The Proletarian
Height 7' 5"
Identity Secret
Real Name Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin
Weight 500 lbs

Piotr Rasputin was born to humble beginnings in a collective farm in the Soviet Union. His family, hounded into obscurity by their ancestry, raised him to believe fervently in the nobility of service and labor. For much of his young life, he expected never to be anything more than an uncommonly strong farmer, one of the millions contribulting to the great Soviet dream. Fate, however, had other plans. Upon being recruited into the X-MEN, he found love and a greater purpose. With his powers and the help of his teammates, he realized he could move beyond merely helping to realize the potential of a single nation, but could elevate the whole of humanity. Since then he has worked tirelessly to secure a peaceful future for man and mutant alike. Like the monument from which he takes his code name, COLOSSUS stands unmoving as a bulwark against the mighty tides of of history. Battling with equal dedication against those humans who would oppress mutants, and those mutants who would eradicate humanity, he has proven himself a remarkable man and true hero.


Icons Series 8 Daredevil Daredevil Icons Series 8 Daredevil (Yellow)

Affiliation none
Alias Michael Murdock
Height 6'
Identity Publicly questioned
Real Name Matthew Michael Murdock
Weight 200 lbs

Blinded in a childhood accident, Matt Murdock gained infinitly more than he lost: With his other senses enhanced to a superhuman degree, he can feel the thudding of a panicked heartbeat from yards away and dodge bullets by the sound of their passage through the air. By day, he defends the defenseless as superstar attorney Matthew Murdock. By night, he keeps watch over their sleeping forms as the fearless Daredevil, scourge of the underworld. In either guise he bears his own tradgedies and the tribulations of those he protects with equal weight, never forgetting that the cause of justice requires constant sacrifice. For decades, Daredevil has haunted the dark places of New York's Hell's Kitchen, defending his neighborhood against criminals and gangsters looking to make a buck off the misfortune of the weak. He was raised here among the riotous noise and the stench of a hundred butcher shops, and it is here that he always returns. He belongs to these streets as much as they belong to him.
Variant: Daredevil (Yellow)


Icons Series 8 Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix Icons Series 8 Phoenix

Affiliation X-MEN
Height 5' 6"
Identity Publicly questioned
Real Name Jean Grey Summers
Weight 115 lbs

The PHOENIX is life, and death, and all of the chaotic potential of the span between. Spawned in the elemental pressure-cooker at the heart of time, mere microseconds after the Big Bang, the PHOENIX is a creature of raw spacetime. Constructed of the same vibrating, ephemeral math as gravity and atomic force, it wields control over the bonds that hold base matter together, letting it discorporate entire planets at will - or ressurect them. Coalesced into the cloned mortal frame of the powerful psionic Jean Grey, it experiences life as it is known to the lesser creatures of the universe for the first time. Locked into a paradigm in which the tyranny of cause and effect hold sway, it struggles to assimulate what is sees through the perspective of its host body. It is Jean through and through, for it has recreated not just her body, but her whole mind and soul as well, but is is also still the PHOENIX. Moving through daily life in the body of a mortal woman it thinks and acts as she would, laughing, loving and fighting for her friends with all the power at its disposal. And yet the ordered flow of four-dimensional time weighs heavily on it. Despite its desire to do right, day by day, it can feel its control slipping away, slowly but surely.
Variant: Phoenix


Icons Series 8 Nightcrawler Nightcrawler

Affiliation X-MEN
Alias Fuzzy Elf
Height 5' 9"
Identity Secret
Real Name Kurt Wagner
Weight 161 lbs

Most mutants can pass as human, and most do in order to remain hidden and safe among the humans that vastly outnumber them. Not so Kurt Wagner. On the very day of his birth he was pursued out of his home by fearful humans, and flulng from a cliff. Miraculously saved, he was raised in a small circus by a tightly knit troupe of acrobars and sorcerers by love and protected from the outside world. All good things must pass, however. Kurt would never again know a time as happy as he had in this tiny, Bavarian circus. His adult life has been spent in battle, first with the X-MEN, and later with Excalibur. Though he has found safety and family among his fellow mutants, that safety has come with the price of constant vigilance. Now known as Nightcrawler, he is more than happy to fight for the freedom of his brethren.


* Descriptions are from the Icons packaging
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Icons Series 8 Daredevil (Yellow)

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