Marvel Legends Annihilus Series
Marvel Legends
Annihilus Series

December 2006


Marvel Legends Annihilus Series Banshee Banshee

Affiliation X-MEN
Alias Irish
Height 6ft
Identity Public
Real Name Sean Cassidy
Weight 170 lbs

Unlike most members of the X-MEN , Sean Cassidy had a lifetime of experience behind him when he joined the group. Raised on his family estate in Ireland alongside his cousin Black Tom Cassidy, Sean grew up with a strict sense of right and wrong, and a hardheaded sense of practicality. This upbringing led him to a career in law enforcement, and eventually to the ranks of Charles Xavier's group of heroes. His history with the X-MEN has been rocky - a tale of equal parts triumph and tragedy. Though he became close friends with Xavier , and nominal second in command of the team, repeated injuries led him away from the super hero lifestyle. Fate, however, had other plans. BANSHEE gave his life using the last bit of his power in an attempt to save a doomed flight full of innocent civilians.


Marvel Legends Annihilus Series Movie Beast Movie Beast

Affiliation X-MEN
Alias None
Height 5ft 11in
Identity Public
Real Name Dr. Henry inHankin McCoy
Weight 402 lbs

One of Charles Xavier's earliest recruits to the team of mutant heroes known as the X-MEN , Dr. Henry McCoy took the name of BEAST after the nickname he'd gained during his college football years. Despite his surprising strength, agility and talent as a fighter, he far prefers his refined intellect to his brutish fists when attacking a problem. As a talented negotiator and diplomat, he is the first known mutant to hold a position inside the U.S. government, with the Department of Mutant Affairs. He is at once embarrassed by and defensive of his mutant nature, but he believes that humans and mutants are capable of living together in peace, and will fight to preserve that vision.


Marvel Legends Annihilus Series Emma Frost Emma Frost

Affiliation X-MEN
Alias White Queen
Height 5ft 10in
Identity Semi-Public
Real Name Emma Grace Frost
Weight 144 lbs

EMMA FROST has always been a woman of questionable ethical standards. Having rejected the inheritance of her family's wealth in favor of making her own way in the world, she advanced through the ranks of both business and mutant kind through diamond-edged ruthlessness. Her relationship with the X-MEN has, over the years, been rocky, but they generally share a common goal - the preservation of mutant kind. Despite her outwardly cold and selfish nature, EMMA FROST cares deeply for those to whom she is close. It's just nearly impossible to tell whether she considers you close, or simply a tool.


Marvel Legends Annihilus Series Hercules Hercules

Affiliation Gods of Olympus, Damage Control
Alias None
Height 6ft 5in
Identity Public
Real Name Hercules
Weight 325 lbs

One of the very few divine immortals currently active on Earth, HERCULES is also amoung the most powerful super hero, rivaling even the the incredible Hulk in strength. Son of the ancient god Zeus and a mortal woman, Hercules has lived for nearly four thousand years, and has witnessed much of human history. As a defender of both Earth and Olympus, he is an expert in almost every form of hand-to-hand combat, with exceptional skill in classic wrestling and archery. Recent troubles have seperated him from the wealth of Olympus, and he has been forced to take jobs with the super hero clean up crew Damage Control.


Marvel Legends Annihilus Series Planet Hulk Planet Hulk

Affiliation None
Alias Green Scar
Height 7ft
Identity Public
Real Name Robert Bruce Banner
Weight 1,040 lbs

Blasted away from Earth by a conspiracy of Earth's heroes and S.H.I.E.L.D. , the HULK falls through a wormhole and arrives on the planet Sakkaar - a savage world of barbarian tribes ruled by a corrupt Empire. He gladly enters the gladiatorial arenas of Sakkaar, accepting all the benefits that victory entails. Known as the Green Scar, he gathers around himself a trusted cabal of warriors, each sworn to the other. Disgusted by the fear and hatred of those weaker than himself, Hulk is done with peace, done with justice, done with heroism. Now, he fights for glory, and for the lives of his warbound brothers in the arena.


Marvel Legends Annihilus Series Ultimate Iron Man Ultimate Iron Man

Affiliation Ultimates
Alias None
Height 7ft
Identity Public
Real Name Tony Stark
Weight 2000 lbs

Born with a chemical mutation that enhanced his intellect to superhuman levels, but cursed him with chronic, neurological pain, Tony Stark is a tireless genius. Amoung the most brilliant of the amazing technologies he has developed is the powered armor the world knows as IRON MAN. As the invincible crime-fighter, he fills the triple role of billionaire industrialist, head of security for Stark International, and founding member of the worldwide crime fighting enterprise the ULTIMATES. Despite it all, he remains plagued by personal demons, for within the armor that grants him his incredible strength he is a man like any other, and more haunted than most.


* Descriptions are from the Marvel Legends packaging
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Marvel Legends Annihilus Series Banshee

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