Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti
Marvel Legends
Book of Vishanti

SDCC '15 Exclusive
July 2015

Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti Dr Strange Dr Strange

May the light of the Vishanti shine upon Dr. Strange... And may the omnipotent Oshfur grant him wisdom and strength. To the new Sorcerer Supreme - you will find, as I once did, that existing in Astral Form is uniquely dangerous. You are now the Master of the Mystic Arts; for you, the dangers of the Astral Plane are even greater than ever! As with the first Sorcerer Supreme, the Vishanti Agamotto, your immense power will draw dark enemies who must never obtain the mystical amulet you now possess! - Flasta Ruyamama Fatanada Roomadana By the Fires of Lkthalon, By the Mystic Moons of Munnopor, By the Crimson Bands of Cyfforak, By the Vapors of the Vishanti, By the Eye of Agamotto! Yours is the soul most worthy of the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. The all-seeing, all-knowing Eye of Infinity has chosen you!

Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti Brother Voodoo Brother Voodoo

By the grey spector of the Vishanti, I summon all the mystic forces of the shadow worlds... I call on the hosts of darkness... Strike... strike at the command of your master! He is Lord of the Loa and Hougan Supreme. Jerico Drumm became the powerful practitioner known as Brother Voodoo in an ancient ritual performed by Papa Jambo, wherein his soul was bound to the Loa of his deceased brother Daniel. Brother Voodoo's direct connection to the spiritual realm makes him an incomparable ally when combating malevolent spirits and undead enemies.

Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti Dormammu Dormammu

I summon the powers of the Vishanti, by the spell of the Dread Dormammu, in the name of the all-seeing Agamotto, all thy powers I summon - be gone, Forces of Darkness! An ancient and heinous being, master of all the mystic energies of the Dark Dimension, Dormammu is the fiery demon who possesses The Hood and set the streets of New Orleans ablaze in search of the Eye of Agamotto. And he will come for it again.

Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti Magik Magik

Magik is the ruler of Limbo and wielder of the Soulsword - a blade with mystical power that is able to slay supernatural beings. She can teleport through time and space and is an extraordinarily powerful ally... if you can find her. Darkchilde - Let the Vapors of the Vishanti drive you from the sight of man! Let the mystic Hosts of Hoggoth prevent you from ever returning again! Pursued by the sorcerer Belasco, Magik faces the constant danger of succumbing partially or completely to her demonic, dark-magic persona, Darkchilde.

Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti Hela Hela

May the shades of the Seraphim banish the Vapors of Yalforr! In the name of the Vishanti, I speak! To Asgardian and mortal alike, one touch from Hela is fatal, drawing the spirit from the body and placing it under her control to do with as she pleases. Offspring of Loki and goddess of the dead, she frequently travels the Astral Plane. You must complete your training before facing the likes of her...

* Descriptions are from the Marvel Legends packaging
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Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti Dr Strange

Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti Brother Voodoo

Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti Dormammu

Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti Magik

Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti Hela

Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti

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