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May 2012

Marvel Movies Avengers Captain America Captain America

As a soldier in World War II, CAPTAIN AMERICA fought for the safety and honor of his nation. Now, as the leader of the Avengers, he fights to protect the entire world. Villains great and small wield earth-shattering power without hesitation. Only the original super-soldier and his team of awesome heroes stand between those ruthless individuals and the devastation of the planet.

Marvel Movies Avengers Hawkeye Hawkeye

Until recently, Clint Barton was just another soldier in the service of S.H.I.E.L.D. That was before Nick Fury himself noticed just how dangerous Barton was with his trademark bow, and invited him to be part of the AVENGERS. Now he fights alongside the most powerful people on the planet, relying on his wits - and his incredible skill with a bow - to keep him alive.

Marvel Movies Avengers Hulk Hulk

The world seen through the eyes of the HULK is distorted with rage, a haze of violence like a bad dream. Trapped within the mighty frame of the HULK, Bruce Banner is barely able to maintain control. And yet, the HULK is a hero. His immense strength is always turned to the protection of the weak, and the defense of justice. For while the HULK may be rage incarnate, it is rage that is always properly directed against those hoping to cause harm.

Marvel Movies Avengers Iron Man Iron Man

Tony Stark has never been much of a team player, but that's only because no one he's ever met has been his equal. Working side-by-side with the Avengers, he has found a team of people who can hold their own, both in science and sheer power, with the invincible IRON MAN. It's a new experience to not be the most commanding or intelligent person in a room, but he's pretty sure his billions of dollars and collection of state-of-the-art weapons more than make up for it.

Marvel Movies Avengers Loki Loki

LOKI isn't driven by a desire for revenge or a thirst for power like most villains. It is simply his nature to cause chaos. He long ago embraced his identity as the trickster god, and has made it his life's work since to confuse, confound and destroy the world. His plans are unbelievably intricate, and so intelligently plotted that not even the combined might of the AVENGERS can ruin them completely.

Marvel Movies Avengers Thor Thor

It is occasionally intolerable to be forced to live and work alongside humans with their short life span and petty troubles - but THOR has grown to have a deep affection for the people of Earth. In the AVENGERS, he is gratified to have found a group of peers. These are warriors with whom a man can be proud to serve. THOR is glad to fight alongside mighty creatures like the HULK, and noble men such as CAPTAIN AMERICA.

* Descriptions are from the Marvel Movies packaging
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