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October 2011

Marvel Movies Thor Destroyer Destroyer

Marvel Movies Thor Loki Loki

ODIN adopted LOKI, the son of a fallen archenemy, out of pity. He attempted to raise the young Frost Giant as one of his own. But as LOKI grew up frustrated by the exploits of his brother THOR, he developed a sinister personality bent on destroying the world in which he was raised. LOKI is one of the only villains to seriously challenge the might of THOR. A master sorcerer, he is well equipped to counter the lightning bolts, thunder claps and hammer swings of his heroic relative!

Marvel Movies Thor Thor Thor

THOR summons the elemental powers of thunder and lightning with a simple swing of his mighty battle hammer! He wields these unfathomably powerful forces to fight the Nine Realms' most vicious evil. THOR learned many of his battle tactics from his father ODIN, the supreme leader of the Asgardians. The few creatures that are foolhardy enough to test such combat strategies generally have to be hauled off the battlefield!

Marvel Movies Thor Thor - Lord of Asgard Thor - Lord of Asgard

THOR inherited his title as Lord of Asgard from his father, the warrior-king ODIN. He has since risen to become the most revered warrior in the Nine Realms. It is LOKI, his brother, who poses the greatest threat to the kingdom he was sworn to protect. A master of sorcery and the dark arts, LOKI can conjure unfathomable evils. But THOR has more than enough power to fight back! His mighty battle hammer unleashes the elemental fury of thunder and lightning upon any evil soul foolish enough to challenge him!

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Marvel Movies Thor Loki

Marvel Movies Thor Thor

Marvel Movies Thor Thor - Lord of Asgard

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