NY Comic Con Showcases Return of Marvel Legends

Sunday October 16, 2011
Posted by Dave Huffman
Source - MarvelLegends.Net

Photography by b0bb33z3r

Hasbro has showcased more of their upcoming Marvel Legends line at this year's New York Comic Con. While 2 figures from the first TERRAX BAF series, Ghost Rider and Constrictor, were shown in package. The Ghost Rider on display at NYCC was sporting a yellow flame, while at San Diego Comic Con in July he was sporting a blue flame. Hasbro will be sending out running changes in later shipments of Marvel Legends, and this is just one example. So you will be able to buy either the yellow or blue flames, if your lucky, or persistent enough to find both.

While it was nice to see some packaged figures to whet out appetite for the relaunch of the line, it was Arnim Zola BAF series two that was front and center for fans. Hasbro surprised us by displaying Fantomex as part of the series, who previously had been part of the fan favorite contest. Madam Masque was on display for the first day, but she will be replaced with Madam Hydra as a running change, and she joined the display on day two. On day three a unmasked variant of Daken was revealed who will be another running change. Heroic Age Captain America and Drax the Destroyer were on display, as was Big-Time Spider, who it was revealed will be replaced by a variant Future Foundation Spider-Man in later shipments. Thunderball was on display, who will be replaced by Piledriver later. The build figure Armin Zola was displayed, who will also have a running change with a Red Skull face when the figure with that piece is changed out.

Hasbro's Marvel Legends panel also had some new reveals. The Pile Driver figure and Armin Zola Red Skull variant were shown. The third Marvel Legends relaunch series, was hinted may be a Sasquatch build. Photos where shown of artwork and a work in progress sculpts for a modern Blade, Punisher, and US Agent, as well as artwork for Moonstar. Upcoming figures were also revealed, but not assigned a release, for Jean Grey, Archangel, and Stryfe, and well as revealing work is being done on a new Emma Frost. Clearly, there's some sort of mutant release planned.

Lastly, its been revealed that 6 inch Avengers figures will be release in Marvel Legends shipments as retailer exclusives. Thor, Hawkeye and Captain America Avengers movie figures were all on display.