Toy Fair Spotlight Casts a Shadow on Marvel Legends

Sunday February 12, 2012
Posted by Dave Huffman
Source - MarvelLegends.Net

Marvel Legends fans were anxious to see what Hasbro had planned for the return of Marvel Legends at this year's international Toy Fair in New York City. However, Hasbro's press release for the event shuffled their Marvel license until nearly the last paragraph of the release, and didn't make any mention at all of Marvel Legends. The impression left that the line was not important to the company was further cemented by a disappointing exhibit at the press tour on Saturday. The first two series that are already available were fully showcased, but Hasbro offered fans almost no new information about the future of the line except for showing two figures from series 3, which they had already revealed 7 months ago at San Diego Comic Con. The previously revealed Blade and US Agent figures were on hand for press to see, but nothing else new. The presentation did reveal that Mystique would also be in the series; the only new piece of information offered fans, but no images of even her were presented. This leaves a long gap until San Diego Comic Con in July before we get a chance to learn if there will be anything new in this line. Not even Avengers 6 inch movie figures where presented, with the movie a mere 3 months away. This leaves collectors to question whether series 1 and 2, which are already available to collectors, are all we'll see of the highly anticipated line this year.

Photos by b0bb33z3r