Announcing the MarvelLegends.Net Most Wanted Marvel Legends Winter Finals 2011!

Tuesday November 8, 2011
Posted by Dave Huffman
Source - MarvelLegends.Net

Fans want to be heard, and MarvelLegends.Net has given fans a voice on what characters they most want to be immortalized in Marvel Legends through our one-of-a-kind voting system. We?ve always prided ourselves in providing the best voting system anywhere, but now we?re taking it to another level. Our new tournament system will prove who fans demand most needs to be the next Marvel Legend.

Starting Monday November 7th, our tournament begins. The tournament does not replace our voting system, but takes advantage of it. Up to this point fans have been able to choose from over 900 Marvel characters, and prioritize them into their own top ten. We have provided instant feedback of the results, ranked by points. At the start of the tournament, the top 128 characters will be seeded into a double elimination bracket system to determine who fans want most.

Each round of the tournament will last 48 hours, and will continue for 14 to 15 rounds, until we determine who is the Most Wanted Marvel Legend, as determined by its fans. The key to the success of this tournament is participation. The more fans who participate in the voting, the more weight the results will carry with Hasbro. Tell every Marvel Legends fan you know to come to MarvelLegends.Net to vote for their favorites. Hasbro knows collectors hold the keys to the success of Marvel Legends return, and we are providing you that voice. Have fun, be heard, and spread the word.

It?s not too late to help get your favorite character into the tournament. Open voting will remain open until the moment the tournament begins, so if your favorite isn?t in the top 128 who will be seeded into the tournament, rally your friends to show their support. Open voting will continue after the tournament begins, but those votes will wait for the next tournament.

There is more information on our tournament system at http://MarvelLegends.Net/vote/tournHelp.php.

Have fun!