?The Humanity Bomb? Begins ? Your First Look At Indestructible Hulk #16!

Saturday November 2, 2013
Posted by Dave Huffman
Source - MarvelLegends.Net

Hulk smashes, and Banner builds. But what happens when Hulk can?t smash? Marvel is proud to present your first look at Indestructible Hulk 16 ? from superstar writer Mark Waid and red-hot artist Clay Mann! Earth?s scientists have a deadly problem they can?t solve, and with time running out they?ve turned to Bruce Banner for help! Now, with a problem Hulk can?t smash, it?s up to Banner?s super intellect to help build?.an extremely powerful bomb?! Plus: which of Banner?s assistants will make it out of this one alive? The seeds of Inhumanity are sown this November in the explosive Indestructible Hulk #16!
Written by MARK WAID
Art & Cover by MAHMUD ASRAR
FOC 11/04/13, ON-SALE 11/27/13