Your First Look At CARNAGE U.S.A. #1!

Tuesday November 8, 2011
Posted by Dave Huffman
Source - Marvel

Prepare for a whole new brand of terror as the critically acclaimed creative team of Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain let Cletus Kasady loose on America?s heartland in Carnage U.S.A. #1! Leaving a wake of bloodshed, no one is safe from Carnage?s lunacy ? even the Avengers! Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and more of Earth?s Mightiest must go on a brutal hunt to capture Cletus Kasady before the American heartland falls under his mass-murdering spell. Buckle in for the most mind-blowing cross country tour fans have ever taken in Carnage U.S.A. #1, this December!

CARNAGE U.S.A. #1 (OCT110632)
Written by ZEB WELLS
Pencils and Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN
Variant Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS
FOC ? 11/14/11, ON SALE ? 12/7/11