Hulk Gold Iron Man Stealth Iron Man Doombot Thing Unmasked Wolverine Cable Dark Phoenix Human Torch Translucent Phasing Ghost Rider Phasing Vision Black Widow II Classic Captain America Storm Bullseye First Appearance Green Hulk X-Factor Angel X-Factor Cyclops Outback Logan Ionic Wonder-Man Bishop Iron Fist White Sasquatch Unmasked Astonishing Wolverine X-23 Melted Face Abomination Unmasked Green Goblin Crown of Lies Loki MarvelLegends/MLFO1/thumbs/PackagedCaptainAmericaBaronVonStruckerVariant.jpg MarvelLegends/MLFO1/thumbs/PackagedDaredevilKingpinVariant.jpg MarvelLegends/MLFO1/thumbs/PackagedHulkLeaderVariant.jpg Sentry Age of Apocalypse Wolverine Burned Unmasked Baron Zemo Modern Falcon First Appearance Gold Iron Man Arachne Destroyer Genis-Vell Moon Knight Wasp MarvelLegends/MLFO2/thumbs/PackagedPunisherJigsawVariant.jpg MarvelLegends/MLFO2/thumbs/PackagedWarMachineMandarinVariant.jpg MarvelLegends/MLFO2/thumbs/PackagedWolverineSabertoothVariant.jpg Yellowjacket Movie Dark Phoenix Quicksilver Hydra Agent Cosmic Marvel Girl Classic Savage Hulk MarvelLegends/HMLTP01/thumbs/PackagedSkrullHawkeyeVariant.jpg Spiral Wolverine Nova Flame Human Torch Daredevil Punisher MarvelLegends/HMLTP02/thumbs/PackagedHandNinjaDumDumDuganVariant.jpg MarvelLegends/HMLTP02/thumbs/PackagedSharonCarterIronManVariant.jpg MarvelLegends/HMLTP03/thumbs/PackagedBlackWidowBuckyVariant.jpg MarvelLegends/HMLTP03/thumbs/PackagedDeadpoolWarpathVariant.jpg Commander Steve Rogers - Clear Shield Ghost Rider - Yellow Flames Iron Man Extremis - Stealth Armor Unmasked Daken Madame Hydra Piledriver Future Foundation Spider-Man Soldiers Of A.I.M. Agents of Hydra Spider-Girl Boomerang Eddie Brock Toxin Machine Man Captain Marvel

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