Most Wanted Marvel Legends
Finals Tournament

The Nomination Process

The open nominations process takes place in the weeks before the Finals Tournament. During the nomination process, fans can choose the Marvel characters they most want to see in future Marvel Legends series, selecting from an extensive list of over 1,000 Marvel characters. If the character you want is not on the list, contact MarvelLegends.Net, and we will do our best to add them. You are asked to prioritize your list with your most wanted character in the first position, your second most wanted character in the second position, and so on. The votes are scored according to how you ranked them, awarding 10 points for first place, 9 points for second place, and so on. The higher a characters ranking points total is, the higher their likelyhood is of making it into the finals tournament, and if so, how they will be seeded. The voting results are instantaneously scored and can be viewed at any time, either in points order, or simply by the number of votes each character has received. The nomination period lasts up until the moment the finals tournament begins.

Tournament Structure

MarvelLegends.Net uses a seeded 128 competitor double elimination bracket system. The bracket structure can be viewed here . At the moment the tournament begins, the top 128 character nominations, as scored by points, are seeded into the first round of the bracket. Seeding means the top point winner is matched against the 128th point winner, the second highest point winner is matched against the 127th point winner, and so on. Double elimination means that a competitor must lose twice before they are eliminated from the tournament. The winners of first round matches go on to the winner bracket, and the losers goes on to the elimination bracket. The losing competitor in the elimination bracket match is eliminated, but loseing competitors in a winners bracket match are seeded into the next elimination bracket round. This process means that every other round will only have matches in the elimination bracket. Having 128 competitors means that it will take 13 rounds to determine the champion of both the elimination and winner brackets. The 14th round will pit the winner bracket champion against the elimination bracket champion for first and second place. However, because the winners bracket champion is undefeated, the elimination bracket champion must defeat the winner bracket champion twice in order to win first place. This means it is possible for there to be either 14 or 15 total rounds. Beginning in the 7th round we will begin posting the top 24 places on the results page. Round results are not posted until the round has closed. Each round will last only 48 hours.


Because its fun. But also, we firmly believe that the nomination and tournament process we have developed is the most meaningful survey of what Marvel Legends fans want. Participation matters, so please invite every Marvel Legends fan you know to vote. The results will be presented to the Marvel Legends team at Hasbro upon the awarding of grand champion. Hasbro understands that fans are the key to Marvel Legends success, and they have expressed great interest in what the fans have to say. This is your chance to speak up and be heard, and rally behind your favorite Marvel character who has yet to have their perfect Marvel Legends treatment.

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